APPLICATION IS NOW OPEN! NANXUN Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019 (Singapore Semi-Finals) 



The Nanxun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019 – Singapore Semi-Finals is organized by Techbridge Ventures in collaboration with Overseas Talent Exchange Center (Shanghai). Selected participants will have the opportunity to present their business plan to Nanxun government officials and investor representatives, as well as local investors in Singapore.

The top three winners of the Singapore Semi-Finals will receive cash prizes of $1000, $500 and $300 respectively. Selected finalists will win a fully subsidized trip to Nanxun and compete at the Nanxun Global Finals with other competitors from US and China. Winners in the Nanxun Global Finals will receive cash prizes ranging from 20k to 200k RMB, as well as potential offers to form a joint venture with local companies and funding from Nanxun Government.  



Nanxun is a scenic city in Zhejiang Province, one of the most developed and fastest growing provinces in Eastern China. Neighbouring Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, Nanxun is well connected to major cities and a convenient entry point for international start-ups into China.

Two key strategic industries are of great importance to Nanxun and enjoy strong support from the government.


Elevator Industry

Long considered to be one of the largest production bases for Elevators in China, Nanxun produces 50% of the elevators in Zhejiang province, and 10% of all elevators sold in China. Its elevator supply chain, comprising of about 180 companies spanning the entire industry value chain, includes design, tooling, component production to system integration, has an output of 10 billion RMB in 2017.

In 2018, Nanxun received approval and support from the provincial government to establish a “Characteristic Town" (ie. Government supported township development project with a stated objective to showcase and promote a particular industry) focusing on Smart Elevator.


Wood Processing Industry

Nanxun is known as the largest manufacturing centre in China for wood flooring materials. According to official statistics, Nanxun supplies 60% of the solid hardwood flooring market, and 35% of the engineered wood flooring market in China. In an annual ranking of the top companies in China in the wood flooring materials industry in 2017, eight of the top ten companies are from Nanxun.

Output of the wood processing industry is more than 10 billion RMB in 2018 and fast growing every year.


Key Drivers and Trends

Key factors for the success of the industries in Nanxun is the drive and demand to increase productivity through new technology adoption supported by government grants.

In 2017, the government and industries invested 3 billion RMB in new technologies in smart manufacturing and automation. In view of the challenges posed by increasing competition and labour shortage, the trend in new technology investment is not expected to change.

A new trend in Nanxun is the adoption of automation in the agriculture sector. Technologies relating to the entire value chain in agriculture, including monitoring, harvesting, storage and packaging, are of potential interest to the local market.



The local industries and government have strong interest to explore collaboration and investment in technologies related to Artificial Intelligence and Smart Manufacturing to improve and sustain their competitiveness.

The technologies of interest include, but are not limited to:

Industrial automation systems, IOT, energy efficiency, robotics, predictive maintenance software, sensors, RFID, 3D printing, machine vision, novel elevator/motor products, Magnet wire/stainless-steel manufacturing, novel wood processing technologies/products, wood recycling.

The Nanxun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge is an ideal platform for Singapore Innovators and start-ups to pitch their technologies to a group of highly credible investors, and explore opportunities in China, the largest market in Asia.

Techbridge Ventures will collect feedback from the China Partners and our Venture Partners in the judging panel, and follow up with the participants after the competition.




Silicon Solution Partners

The Founding Partners of Silicon Solution Partners (SSP) have together cumulatively more than 300 years of electronics/semiconductor industry related experiences in various executive roles and responsibilities from SME to MNC, as well as hands on experience from start-up to successful IPO.

SSP is appointed by Enterprise SG as an incubator and accredited Co-investment Partner for Startup SG Equity to support local start-ups in technology commercialization.

JCS Venture Lab

JCS Venture Lab (JCS) is the corporate incubator of JCS Group. JCS is appointed by Enterprise Singapore as an accredited accelerator in deep-tech industries and an Accredited Mentor Partner for SG Start-up Founder Grant to support deep-tech startups in Singapore.


Yincubator is a boutique independent investment firm with extensive network and experience in China. They work with start-ups and SMEs to collaborate with Corporate and Investment Partners in China.



Date: 29th May 2019, Wednesday 1-5pm

Venue: 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139950



To register your interest to participate in the Nanxun Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge, please email

Registration will end on 9th May 2019.

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