Examples of some of our latest projects.

  • Precious Metal Recovery

    TechBridge jointly worked with a local company to evaluate potential technologies for gold recovery from wastewater that have potential to increase productivity, improve recovery and eliminate release of toxic fumes.

  • Materials Science

    Developing innovative antimicrobial solutions for textile related applications. TechBridge supported a start-up by connecting it with strategic partner to provide product design, development & testing facilities through extensive research capabilities at NTU.

  • Energy Management System

    TechBridge supported a company with core business in liquid cooling for power battery packs, to successfully develop a proof of concept design model to realize their new product development efforts into a successful IP translation.

  • Materials Science

    TechBridge worked with a manufacturer and supplier of ceramic products to a wide range of customers. There was a need to provide prototypes of a new product utilizing novel formulation of ceramic material to their customers. We support them to optimize the novel material formulation for successful production in China.