Innovation Training Program & Workshop for Korean Students

Techbridge Ventures (TBV) and Asia Consulting & Advisory Pte Ltd (ACA) has collaborated to identify potential Korean start-ups and help them to develop ​regional business in Singapore. 

The collaboration involves the co-organisation of numerous Innovation Training Programs & workshops for Korean University students from 2016 to 2017.

The objectives of such workshops are:

  • to hosts all-round start-up activities, partnering with global investors, research institutes and governments agency to train the University students
  • the design and implementation of customized innovation training workshop for the korean students
  • training and networking program in a diligent manner to explore collaboration in Innovation and Technology transfer with the overseas Universities.

List of completed Innovation Training Program (ITP) Workshops


ITP program for Korean Students from

2nd to 8th Nov 2016

Korea Industry-University Cooperation

14th to 18th Nov 2016

Chungnam University

9th to 13th Jan 2017

Korea Maritime and Ocean University 

Pusan National University University

Yonsei University

6th to 10th Feb 2017

Dankook University

13th to 17th Feb 2017

Korea Maritime and Ocean University

Pusan National University

24th to 28th Jul 2017


Korea Maritime and Ocean University

Pusan National University

Changwon National University


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