Wenzhou is a coastal port city in Zhejiang Province. This is one of the first places in China to develop and promote a private sector-led economy and was on the frontline of policy reform and opening. People in Wenzhou are called Oriental Jews by their countrymen. Business has always been the keyword here.

Lucheng District, located at the heart of Wenzhou, is the political, economic, cultural and commercial centre of Wenzhou. It is also a pioneer district for the development of Digital Economy in Wenzhou.

As one of the collaborators for the 2020 Lucheng Digital Economy Global Entrepreneurship Competition, we would like to share some general information about Lucheng and Wenzhou to potential entrepreneurs seeking to explore collaboration in this city.





As of 2018, Wenzhou has a GDP of US$90.63 billion.

Key Industries

Wenzhou’s key industries include automobile, garments and shoes, marine science and technology, e-commerce, logistics, and advanced manufacturing equipment.


Wenzhou is 1 hour by plane or 3 hours by high-speed train from Shanghai.


As of 2018, Wenzhou has a population of 8.29 million, including 1.26 million from Lucheng District.


Wenzhou is known for for its mild and pleasant climate (wen means "warm and mild" in Chinese).  




Lucheng is the pioneer district for China’s private economy and the birthplace of the famous "Wenzhou model". It has a strong focus on the development of “Digital Economy +” strategic industries, and actively nurtures and cultivates new enterprises in this area.

In recent years, the digital economy industry in Lucheng has made rapid progress, especially in the digitization of government and the construction of digital infrastructure. It has formed a vibrant industry with a focus on big data, e-commerce and intelligent building services, as well as manufacturing of communication equipment and measuring instruments. Digital economy has become the most vital and promising industry in Lucheng.

Over the years, Lucheng government has made a lot of effort to accelerate the construction of Wenzhou Digital Economy Technology & Innovation Park, so as to drive the development of digital economy. In 2019, the added value of digital economy core industry in Lucheng increased by 19.8%, and the information and communications technology industry has become the main driving force for industrial growth.

Thus far, the Digital Economy Technology & Innovation Park has attracted 155 state-level high-tech enterprises and province-level science and technology enterprises. There are also 11 province-level academician specialist offices, province-level enterprise R&D centers, province-level enterprise research institutes and post-doctoral scientific research offices, as well as 7 state-level, province-level and municipal-level incubators and accelerators.




In July 2020, the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission published the 2020 Zhejiang Province "Six Hundred-Billion Yuan" Industrial Investment Project Implementation Plan, and 13 projects were selected to be implemented in Lucheng in the Plan.

The Plan aims to vigorously promote the development of six high value strategic industries, including Digital Economy, Life Science & Healthcare, High-End Equipment, Cultural Tourism, Renewable Energy & Clean Tech, and Technological Transformation.

The 13 projects from Lucheng are:

E-Commerce and Smart Logistics Category  

1. Wenzhou Lucheng Huanmao Port

2. Wenzhou Zhengxing Supply Chain Base

Innovation Platform Category

3. Central Green Axis District D-34b & D-34a Area Underground Space and Underwater Pipe Construction

4. Wenzhou Binjiang Business District Old Port Phase 2 03-01-14 Area Construction

High-End Medical Devices Category

5. Wenzhou Lucheng Light Industry Park Phase 1 D-21-1 Area Construction

6. Wenzhou Lucheng Light Industry Park Phase 1 C-67 Area Construction

Robotics and Smart Equipment Category

7. Hytek Power Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Plant Construction Project with Annual Output of 400,000 Hydraulic Pumps and 800,000 Hydraulic Valves

8. Great Wall Mixers Facilities Manufacturing Base

Advanced Material Cateogry

9. United Arab Emirates New Plank Material Manufacturing

Tourism Cateogry

10. Wenzhou Jiangxin Guyu East Park Transformation Project

Fashion Industry Category

11. Wenzhou MEGA Complex

12. New Second Generation Shoe Smart Manufacturing Base

Ecological Construction and Environmental Protection Category

13. Wenzhou Woqishan Landfill Ecological Treatment Project

These projects can provide ample opportunities for collaboration for Entrepreneurs interested to expand to Lucheng.


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