Techbridge and Vanke Signed Commercial Framework Agreement

We are pleased to share that TBV has concluded a Commercial Framework Agreement with Vanke, China's second largest property development company, in the Singapore-Liaoning Economic and Trade Council (SLETC) held on 29th August 2019 [1][2].

Under this Agreement, TBV will collaborate with Vanke in establishing a Singapore-Liaoning International Innovation Centre. The Centre will seek to identify and support innovations from Singapore, or TBV network, to be commercialized in Liaoning.  Vanke will support the commercialization process by providing priority access to commercial projects in their local Industrial Park, as well as other potential opportunities in Liaoning market and within their network.

Liaoning province has a long history of industrial development with four key strategic industries: Petrochemical, Steel production, Equipment Manufacturing and Agriculture. It is home to multiple well known industry champions including SIASUN, China's largest robotics company, and Angang Steel, China's second-largest steel producer. In recent years, foreign MNCs like BMW  and Saudi-Aramco have also invested heavily in Liaoning to tap on its local resources [3].  With the new government initiatives to spur development in Northeast China, there are ample opportunities for international innovators to enter this emerging market in China by leveraging on the support of our Centre.


[1] Media Release by Enterprise SG (read here)

[2] CNA report on SLETC in Youtube (watch here)

[3] Article on Xinhuanet (read here)


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