Tech Offers

  • Quantum Molecular Modelling for Drug Discovery and Material Development

    Techbridge's Partner has developed a proprietary Quantum Molecular Modelling software that has been tested in industry applications and proven to significantly reduce the costs for compound screening without adversely affecting yields.

    The Partner has successfully used the technology to develop a wide range of products,  including  a drug candidate licensed to a global pharmaceutical company for US$250 million, as well as a paint product for specialized applications.

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  • Environmentally Friendly Laundry Color Absorber Material

    Techbridge's Partner has developed a proprietary laundry color absorber based on a hydrogel material derived from Chitosan. This biodegradable material can be extracted from the shells of crustaceans and is widely available on the market.

    Patent applications on this technology have been filed in US, India, China, Europe, and Canada, and the technology is ready to be licensed to potential Collaborators.

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